Intuition Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Jump-Starting Your Intuition

You are intuitive. You manifest all the time, whether you know it or not. You might not quite know it yet or believe it that these abilities are innate but you might consider exploring conscious and expansion use of your natural, felt-sense of intuition. This course, Intuition Fundamentals, is meant to be fun, engaging and teaches you the mental strategies that you need to make your intuition conscious and work more for you instead of playing out habituated patterns in your life.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences so that as we get to know each other we can engage in a nice, friendly, and supportive group coaching dynamic (you are also welcome to simply listen and experience). There are two sides to each coin, such as uncertainty and possibility, grief and acceptance, sadness and meaning. You’ll learn how to use and integrate self-hypnosis and mindfulness into your day-to-day for maximal impact without having to set aside chunks of time or add sessions mindful intuition practice to your already full days.

Would you be interested in learning how to go beyond the limitation of your thoughts and learning how to use your intuition to connect with the energies and intentions that can begin to blossom in your life now and create a future of new relationships, excitement and satisfaction beyond your wildest imaginings?

Intuition Basics for Success (Sunday, June 21st): this session is all about the basics of practical use and application of intuition. Through this session you’ll learn a framework of 6 principles for interacting with intuition and also how to notice where in your life you have already been using intuition to help you. You’ll get a number of easy to follow recipes for successful use of your intuition! We will also cover the science, history and practical applications of intuition in this session.

Mindful Intuition & Self-Hypnosis to Clear Blocks (Sunday, June 28th): intuitives learn very quickly that it’s not so much that they need to make an effort to use intuition as much as you need to learn to quiet the mind and find a relaxed state of focused awareness. This session focuses on practical, rapid and evidence-based techniques along with the science behind calming the mind, nervous system and body. Feeling blocked or stanant? These tools will help you get past it and allow you to begin to live more intuitively!

Intuition of the Heart (Sunday, July 19th 3-5pm): at first it can be fun and enjoyable to use your intuitive abilities to satisfy the thoughts and the wants of the mind. Intuitives very quickly learn that centering their intuition in the heart-space allows for greater flexibility, connection and satisfaction in life and what intuition brings to reality for them. Participants in this session will experience heart-based practices for centering and expanding intuition in terms of reach, scope and depth. We will also cover the science behind heart coherence and the transpersonal impact of heart fields.

Intuition and Your Soul (Sunday, July 26th 3-5pm): Interested in learning how to turn thoughts and feelings of uncertainty into small steps, precognition and curiosity about a future of possibilities for you? We’ll pull it all together in this session and use deeper and more expansive group hypnosis and meditation and examine the cosmic and quantum aspects of mindfulness and intuition. You will leave this series with the skills, techniques and scientific backing needed for exploring and using intuition as a way to improve your daily life, work and relationships with greater ease and flexibility! All are welcome in this individual workshop or the entire series.

You can participate in the entire series or register for individual workshop sessions that interest you. The series is 2 Sundays in June and 2 Sundays in July with a 2-week break in the middle. Participants in the series will receive intuition journal prompts and intuition recipes to use during the 2-week break. These are optional, but are designed to help you practice and develop your own skills at a deeper level during the course of the series. If you aren’t available for each session in the series but went to attend the series in its entirety session recordings will be made available by request.

Questions about the sessions? Feel free to e-mail Michael at or check out to learn more about Michael!