William Brisson

William Brisson is a master healer and feng shui expert. He has practiced Energetic Feng Shui, a space clearing aspect of Energetic Field Work for eighteen years. He knows from years of experience that our living and workspaces can either support us or act as a hindrance depending on their energetic health. He is passionate about helping families, children, and businesses to grow in healthy, clear environments so they may flourish, be happy, and develop their gifts. William has cleared and set the fields in many residential and commercial spaces in New York City and abroad. He has helped many individuals, families, and businesses bring positive shifts resulting in greater fruitfulness, peace, growth, and financial prosperity. William was one of Maha Rose’s early practitioners and Maha Rose founder Lisa Levine shares how William’s work has been powerfully transformative personally and for the spaces of Maha Rose. In addition to his work with Feng Shui, William was a lead facilitator, area coordinator, and instructor for The Way of the Heart for twelve years.