Sadie Kadlec

Affectionately known as Maha Roses own ‘lil Tangerine Quartz’, Sadie Kadlec is an  intuitive healer, collage artist, and mentor based in New York City who embraces and supports others with her joyful heart and sincere listening ear to facilitate empowered healing, self-love, and awareness.

Ever a believer in the power of touch, she was immediately drawn to the gentleness of Reiki. Following her Reiki level 1 & 2 Attunements with Erika Spring and Akashic Records training with Christina Cross, she began a Healer Mentorship with Padma Gonzales, wherein she deepened and expanded her practice to include art, sound, and of course crystals!

Her passion for crystals was ignited as a young child who loved connecting with Earth energies. Memories of digging up small stones to polish in her rock tumbler or collecting precious stones as talismans would later become the foundation of her connection to the crystal realm.

After spending the last few years deeply researching the magical properties of minerals and exploring the ways they can enhance our lives, she was overflowing with information and decided to heed the call to share all she had learned.

Utilizing the gentle, yet powerful vibrational energy of crystals as the basis to guide her sessions, her clients receive a highly tailored experience that helps them to rediscover their joy and reframe their challenges leaving empowered to begin living life to its fullest expression!