Hello Loves,

I want to talk about Love. Capital L Love. I’ve had some real moments recently feeling the Love. Feeling moved by love. Nothing like a little (or a lot) of separation to make us appreciate the ones we love, the places we love and the people who move us.

I feel moved almost daily. There are many little moments of appreciation that are the sparkles in my days. There’s something about having so much taken away that really helps us appreciate the little things. It is actually making me want to take more things away. Strip it down even more. We didn’t need all that extra stuff. With the quiet, I hear more loudly the clutter of my mind. The ten thousand voices of the world all vying for our attention. That’s not where I’m finding the love. The news does move me. I’m moved by what we’re going through. What other people are going through. It’s all so real. Many chapters long, we won’t forget this period. We’ll remember how we felt. We’ll remember where we were, how we passed the time. No pressure. If it’s hard, it’s hard. We’ll remember that it was hard but that we got through it. But if there are moments of love, I want to remember those. So I’m writing them to you, to us, to remember.

If there hasn’t been much love, try looking for it. It’s a practice. Sometimes not. Sometimes love just comes, like grace. But other times we have to work harder for it. Loving ourselves, those we are confined with, our families, our neighbors, whoever. Sometimes it’s work. But it’s worth it.

We’re making it through. We’re learning. We’re growing. Sometimes two steps forward, one step backward. We can love ourselves through it all. We can keep sending love out into the world. We can keep praying for peace and for healing for everyone.

I love you, thanks for showing up however you are.

Lisa & Maha Rose

MAY 06, 2020