Hello Loves,

We are in the fire. In Hinduism, they call it the Kali Yuga, the dark age of materialism. Where there is more darkness than light. Surely you have felt it. Maybe you are in it. The bad news is that it’s a period of many thousands of years.

We're in it. What can we do except try to tip the scales back toward the light? Don’t succumb to the darkness. We fight it with light. with Love. With Optimism. With Hope. With Kindness. Each of us will be guided if we have the desire to help.

The darkness exists but so does the Light. Keep fighting for the light. Internally and externally. We are here to keep the light alive, to hold the light, to nurture the light, to grow the light.

We are Light.

Do not forget who you are: You are Light. You are Love.

Do not lose hope. We are being strengthened. This is a test. This isn’t as bad as it can get. There will be harder times in your life and in mine. We are being strengthened. We are in training still. Life is the training.

Stay in the Light. Do not be tempted by the dark. Keep lighting your candles. Keep your face turned to the light.

I’m listening to Satsang. I am meditating. I am listening to my teacher. I am sharing the light I have. I am talking to loved ones. I am immersing myself in reiki. I am laughing and sharing laughter no matter what.

Keep your Light ON. KEEP YOUR JOY ON.

I’m teaching and gathering with friends and colleagues to support one another. I want to share some classes and talks I have coming up to support you:

Joy Vibration with me every Monday at 5:15 EST.

A Reiki 2 Refresher for those of you who have taken reiki 2 but need a little practice and help to remember how to send Reiki long distance.

I’m also leading a Spiritual Business Support Group for those of us entrepreneurs who could use some support right now.

And for fun and creativity, I am teaching a Tie-Dye at Home workshop on May 30th. If you want to take this class you have to get your supplies now, details on the workshop page.

Art, healing, and spirituality. These are the things that are keeping me sane and connected and grateful. I’m happy to share them with you.

We’ve also been having lots of fun putting these care packages together and getting our crystal inventory up online.

The last thing, I’ll be on MindBloom online on Saturday discussing mental health and wellness in turbulent times. sign up here.

Alright, my loves. Wherever you are at we are going to get through this and be stronger and clearer and more connected on the other side.

Lots of Love,
Lisa & Maha Rose

MAY 12, 2020