Hello Loves,

I miss you. I love you. These days are up and down. Antsy and then surrendered. I have a little cold today which helps with the surrender. No extra energy to be restless. No desire today to leave the house. haha

I want to commend us all for our resilience in these crazy times.

We are making it through. We are surviving. Even if it isn’t always graceful, or pretty or enlightened... Certainly there have been moments of calm and surrender but many other moments too. All the feelings: one feeling, and then it changes, and then it changes again...

This is life: always changing, always surprising, often challenging, always asking us to grow. Sometimes we do so willingly, other times we are locked in our houses and given no choice but to change, grow, surrender, look long and deeply at ourselves.

It’s been interesting being sick and still teaching some classes, The Joy Vibration yesterday and Reiki Mentorship today. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to show up but being that I didn’t have to go anywhere I thought I’d give them a go anyways and they were amazing. The grace that comes through when we show up for our commitments, even if we are feeling a little less than, is divine.

Committing to life.

Showing up for life.

Even when it's hard. Showing up. Putting in the effort. My teacher talks about effort and grace. We have to do our part and surrender the rest. Here’s to doing our part in these times and surrendering the rest.

I love you all and I miss you. I’m grateful we are still able to do the work through online sessions and workshops. It’s amazing the energy and healing and community that comes through. Thank you God. Thank you Goddess. Thank you technology.

Lisa & Maha Rose

APR 30, 2020