Hello Loves,

I hope you all are doing alright and taking care of yourselves. It’s been an intense couple of weeks. I think most of us have been in this fire of what I pray is the fire of transformation and awakening.

Healing is not easy. Know that if it’s painful, if it’s uncomfortable, you’re probably on a path that can lead to greater truth, integrity, and freedom. I’ve been in the discomfort of looking more deeply into my own blind spots and failures as an individual and as the leader of Maha Rose. I’ve been reading, educating myself, talking with peers, meditating, and praying lots.

This is a time of awakening. Maha Rose stands in solidarity with the black community and is committing more deeply to doing its own anti-racist work. This is something that we are diving into fully and it will take time to fully develop. There are no overnight fixes and we wish to respond knowing this will be a marathon and not a sprint.

But we also want to offer healing right now. If you are BIPOC and would like to come to Maha Rose for healing, please come to any workshop in June for free. If you would like to come for a healing session, come for 50% off any individual healing service.

Use Code: HEAL for Individual Sessions
Use Code: HEALING for Workshops

If we aren’t the ones you want or need right now check out these amazing healing centers owned and operated by BIPOC:

33rd & Rising
Minka Brooklyn

Other ways to get involved:

Simone Small, our Director of Corporate Wellness started a campaign called #DivergefromNYPD, please check it out here, Change.Org.

"Letter from a Region in my Mind", Essay by James Baldwin from 1962.

Love to you all, praying for us all, for peace for all beings.

Lisa & Maha Rose

JUN 16, 2020